Thursday, February 24, 2011

Park City

On our trip out west a couple of weeks ago we drove up to Park City for the afternoon. No skiing for us (we wore ourselves out in Steamboat Springs)- just a little window browsing. This town is rustic and modern all at once with one of a kind stores and some yummy places to eat. It is definitely up next on our list of places to stay and ski.

Check out this original art I found at one of their local boutiques. I almost got the lemons, thyme and basil but decided against it because I still need to work up a design scheme for our new house.


This picture makes Park City look like a deserted ghost town but it's actually quite charming. I was loving all the different colors of the buildings and of the homes on the mountain. Usually I only see that in coastal towns.

Can't wait to go back there and spend some more time!

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